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Post news RSS My Own tribute to Jeff Wayne & Our new website finished!

Ho-rah! We finally have our proper website finished (all thanks to MrCupCake of course)also the "Secret" I talked about in the last update is revealed! My own tribute to Jeff Wayne...

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Ok, this update isn't quite as large as the last but its still got some great stuff for you guys to look over and enjoy!Recently I was wondering what I could do to add to the team and well I've been doing two things for one I have created a little tribute to Jeff Wayne and his musical version of WotW its not as good as it could've been with more time but Its still presentable have a listen...

I hope you guys weren't to disappointed. (Sorry for it being so quite!)

Oh! And I've also been learning properly how to use the UDK engine's mapping software and I've gotten some basics down but I've still got a lot to learn, So it turns out I might be mapping for the project until we find a real mapper (and we do need one!)
Any who! this is the most important part of this update (I'd say at least) everybody give a round of applause for MrCupCake! He has done a great job making our site (nicely without spammy adverts either) here is the link:

Check it out seriously its good! Also if you haven't already or just want to read it again the whole book can be read on the right hand side of the web page! and If you haven't read the book I suggest you do its great (Would just like to let anybody who has signed up to the forums that we will still be using those but only as the FORUMS of course not the main website).

Ok well thats about it for now, I have Salsa_Shark working on our Development team logo so the team should be set up soon yay! I would like to inform you all as well that me and MrCupCake have decided to stick to a regular weekly update (Probably every Saturday).

Hope you enjoyed the update.

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