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Our new Community Manager Angelmoon/Angelzor/Angel Parker shares her first impressions of working with Brunelleschi and promises to write a Noob friendly guide.

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My first week with Brune has been a bit intimidating. I want to do a good job and encourage as many people to play the game as possible! Learning the game and all its aspects and detail is going much slower for me than I want it to. But I have hope and am reading as much as I can before the event (Power of Play) next month in Bellevue! I respect and admire the ton of depth and detail that has gone into this game. It will be quite the journey ahead of me!

So I've noticed something about this game: it is complex and amazing! But, not every single person who encounters this game will have the mindset to track down every detail (definitely not an insult! Everyone is different, and our differences make us awesome). I see there being two main types of people: The sensing type and the intuitive type. Sensing types are usually more straight-forward with their thinking. We set a goal and go for it. The intuitive types are creative, complex and think about many different possible ways to get to that one goal. My current goal is to make a guide for those who are more aimed towards the "sensing" approach.

I remember Eve Online having a painstakingly long tutorial and learning curve, which turned a LOT of players off to the game because they didn't have the patience to learn every aspect of the game before they even started. I want to try my best to get fresh new people started and having fun without feeling overwhelmed. I will be trying to write up a newb-friendly guide as soon as I can. This game has tons of potential and I don't want something as simple as "learning the game" to be turning new players away.

This is what I want to avoid.

If you have suggestions for creating this new guide, or just want to say hi - get in touch!

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