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Good news, the first music themes of Pantless Hero are available for you to listen !

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Good news, the first music themes are available for you to listen !

They are composed by Rowan who joined us few month ago:


Rowan Sgarlata

Role: Compositor, Sound Designer.

Description: Currently living in Melbourne, Australia, having a bachelor in digital and interactive media scoring. Inspiration mainly comes from Nobuo Uematsu who composed the Final Fantasy Series. Currently composing for video games, tv shows and films. My Soundcloud.

This is the Pantless Hero OST playlist that will be updated when we have more tracks.

I will talk about the different tracks.

This is the main theme (or game title theme). It will be used in the intro sequence of the game and in the trailers. We want the music to represent the hero at the entrance of the cave who's going to face unknown dangers and mysteries to get back his stolen pants. We chose a rock style to emphasize the dynamism and violence of the game as well as death ('cause the game is hard).

This is the main ambiant theme, played during exploration phases.

This one is the goblin merchants' theme who are very malicious.

That track is for challenging moments and fights.

And lastly the boss theme.

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