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I've decided to split the next big update, with the new soundtrack and graphics, into several smaller updates. Here's what's coming.

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Originally posted in the Puzzledorf Steam Community.

Quick summary of this announcement:

  • New Soundtrack and graphics will be split into several smaller updates
  • New Classic music coming first
  • Christmas music will be released separately soon after
  • The New graphics will be released last, along with the official release of the new soundtrack, probably some time in August, and the price will change at this time

More info below.

Classic Music Incoming

I've decided to split this next big update into several smaller updates. The new music for Classic Mode is planned to launch in the next couple of days. For now, the price will remain the same and will change later (more on that below under 'Graphics Update & Pricing').

In this update, the new graphics that are already created for worlds 3 and 4 will be implemented fully, but the rest of the worlds will be updated at a later date, hopefully in August.

Here's the last 2 music tracks:

World 5

Classic Ambience

The ambient track is a rotating, alternate track. At the moment, all the songs just cycle on a jukebox, regardless of what world you're in.

In the update, whenever you reach a new world, the theme music for that world will play. Once it's finished, if you're still on that world, the ambient track will play, and then if you're still on that world, the theme music will play again, and so on.

Each world will have it's own theme music, but this ambient track will be used across all of the worlds for Classic Mode.

And for anyone who missed it, you can hear the other new tracks so far here:



World 1

World 2

World 3

World 4

Christmas Music

The new Christmas music will be released soon after the classic music. The price of the game will remain the same at this point.

I don't have a date for when the new Christmas music will be out, it depends on how long it takes to write and implement into the game. Hopefully before August.

Graphics Update & Pricing

As stated above, the new graphics for worlds 3 and 4 are already implemented, so they will be released along with the new Classic music in the next few days. I haven't decided how much the other worlds will be changed visually, but there will still be at least some other changes to their graphics, mostly in the form of adding new decorations to some worlds. This update will likely come out in August.

With this update I will increase the price of the game to $8 USD. I also plan to release the new soundtrack with this update at $8 USD.

Later, when the 'Ruins' update is completed, the price of the game and the soundtrack will increase to $10 USD each. I have plans for future content after that, but no plans for future price increases.

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