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With bug fixes and new features, fans of 2D physics games are sure to rejoice!

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MushRoom Bounce! was released for the Desktop (Windows, Mac and Linux) only 6 1/2 weeks ago, and for Android only 5 weeks ago. Most recently, it appeared on Desura on December 30. During that time, plenty of bugs have been squashed -- especially the kind of bugs that only show up on a certain type of device. But beyond fixing our errors, we have also put in several improvements to the game that we deemed useful or necessary.
Most recently, with version 1.1.7, we put in a new Zoom In and Zoom Out feature! This allows the player to see as much of the game world -- or as little -- as desired.
We started out by putting in a very critical improvement: scaling the game world to fit each device. In other words, every device (desktop, smartphone, tablet, hi-res tablet) displays the same amount of the game world on-screen. This was critical for supporting the new generation of extra-hi-resolution tablets.
But once that was in the game, it was decided that the player should be able to adjust the zoom level. So we put in two more "actions": Zoom In and Zoom Out. They appear at the end of the sequence of available Actions (Run, Dash, Bomb, Big Bomb, Trigger Paddles, Grab), and they work the same way. Just select "Zoom In" (A magnifying glass with a + sign over it) and press the Action button to use it.
But that's not the only improvement -- the short version is that MushRoom Bounce! is better than ever. Check it out for yourself today! We're giving away 25 levels with the free, no-strings-attached, Regular Desktop edition. We hope you enjoy our hard work. Download MushRoom Bounce today and let us know how you like it!

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