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Post news RSS STEAM PAGE Joe Kowalski Chronicles: Murder in a flat NEWS - Postponed prologue release to Mid 2021.

Game release was postponed to mid 2021, new plans to add more content, longer gameplay and some other cool things to prologue.

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Hello everyone,

first wanted to apologize for being late in delivery and news here on IndieDB. Extremely busy lots of stuff happening, good, bad and the ugly ;) Very sorry about this, please note homepage/subscribing to newsletter is best way to get fresh updates as our team is very limited with resources.

Full info about release postponing is there on homepage:


The Bad and the Ugly

So to break the ice with those bad and ugly news...game won't be releasing anytime in next few months, too many things happened and can't cover every front. Even though it was close to release in initial prologue Joe was stuck in one apartment and I felt it was bit claustrophobic which was kind of bad.

Finally something good

Let's proceed with good news, Facebook page is up so please like if you like or want to support the game:


UPDATE: Steam page is approved - you can now whishlist game here: Store.steampowered.com

So what else - more content in game demo, and more gameplay. So what will happen is actually prologue will become more like real chapter 1 fully playable from start to finish with "case closed" as I really hate those "to be continued..." series where you're left with cliffhanger and they cancel next season. This will be intro to big series of 4 episodes as planned before so essentially it will be 5 chapters in total. Nothing changes in "Joe Kowalski Chronicles: Murder in a flat" game price it will still be 0 bucks and you will get "more for your money" :)

So in short there will be:

- more scenes (two more scenes so Joe's not stuck in apartment entire game)
- more playable content - intro scenes will be playable from beginning
- story improvements and developments
- music/sound fx improvements
- Easter eggs - finding those will unlock big Easter egg at game credits

Here's just snapped fresh IndieDB featured screenshot - Joe on street in front of the bar

Joe street

Thank you all for following Joe Kowalski Chronicles and keep safe.

Iron Noir Soft Team

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