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New video of early multiplayer space combat. New server list and launcher for game client. Next early access version to include capture the flag team play.

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I have posted an video of multiplayer combat testing between 2 players. This test uses the new dedicated server and new version of the game client that now includes a server list and launcher (more info below). In this video you can see how multiplayer game play works, combat between two player ships and how smoothly the networked multiplayer server and client perform.

I'm located in the USA (Vidiot_X) and my opponent in this video is located in Europe. Despite the vast distance game play is very playable and smooth. This kind of test really exposes lag issues and my new Phoenix USC server and game client performed awesomely. This successful test now sets up the next step in development, team and capture the flag game play. In the next version of the early access client and server we will introduce team play which will be made of two teams, red and blue. You will be assigned a team at login. Your goal is capture the flag and hold (defend it) it together with your team for 5-10 minutes. This style of game play will be fun, intense and fast paced. In later early access versions we will introduce new weapons ships and other features fleshing out the game as we go. Form here on out game play and the features that support it are a overarching goal.

I have added a classic style server list and launcher to the game client (as seen below). This new server list will show all available servers for Phoenix USC and list the ping and number of players on a server. All you have to do to join a game server is select a server, enter user name and password and click on the connect button. Simple. :) This new server list and launcher feature is a big step for development and locks in easy reliable access to Phoenix USC.

If you would like to help test Phoenix USC early access is open to all right now. The more that can test at this early stage the better as it makes working through certain development features like networking more reliable going forward. If you would like to test an early access version head on over to our discord server for more information.

Phoenix USC on Discord

Things are progressing nicely and getting fun too. :)


New game client server list and launcher.

g dot94 1

Here a one client has connected to the server and the other reflects the player count increase.

g dot92

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