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Morterra is an online MMO survival game. Play for free now at the official site.

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Morterra is an online MMO survival game. Play for free now at www.Morterra.com

Imagine yourself waking up in a wilderness, where you need to find food, water, and shelter to protect yourself while asleep. The entire world is dangerous, and your goal is to collect resources to build yourself tools, a home, weapons, and armor to defend yourself from other players.

To eat, you may search the world to find fruits and vegetables, hunt for meat, or even go fishing. For water, you must find ponds to drink from. And to reduce fatigue, you must sleep (log off), but beware, other players can find and kill you while you sleep, so you want to sleep in a "safe" location!

To sleep safely, your best bet is to build yourself a base. You can do this by collecting logs and sharpening them into log-spikes. These log spikes act as a wall, and although they can be destroyed, they are an obstacle between you and the enemy.

If you wish, you can be the villain, and go killing/looting other players. This will come at a price however, because if you have low karma, other players can kill/loot you without consequence.

Check out this trailer to see for yourself:

Morterra is a new, fun game, and we hope to see you online soon!

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