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In February, getting closer to a 2.5 release, most work was done in fixing bugs and improving existing features.

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In February, getting closer to a 2.5 release, most work was done in fixing bugs and improving existing features.

  • Engine
    • Simplify lightmap loader.
    • Implemented FR #4874 - "Event condition: research completed".
    • Partial cleanup in lightmap memory usage.
    • A lot of code refactorings and restructuring.
  • Campaign
    • Stingray Interceptor research requirements fixed.
    • Update production time with reduced employee count on firing a worker.
    • Better mission naming on Geoscape.
    • Updated research texts for Corrupter, Supply and Scout UFO.
    • Updated research text for alien Hovernet.
    • 'Live Aliens' event tip updated.
    • Updated Ufopedia text for Machine Gun.
    • Updated research text for Advanced Alien Propulsion.
    • Game now saves when player wins campaign.
    • Note about cameras in base defence mission briefing.
  • Battlescape
    • Activated control center for base cameras.
    • Reaction Fire: disabled the 'draw' mode for testing.
    • Do not force right-hand RF, use settings instead.
  • Maps
    • Improved lighting in Shelter map.
    • Various tweaks in 'Stadium', 'Alienbase' and 'Base' map.
    • Added new map tile to 'Frozen' RMA theme.
  • UI
  • Removed Mini- and Alternative HUD.
  • Translation
    • Norwegian translation update.
    • Update for the polish translation.
    • Updated po and pot files.
  • Artwork
    • New image for Particle Beam tech ufopedia entry.
  • Tools
    • Misc improvements to the Blender md2 and tag exporters.
    • Updated marker list blender script for latest blender.
  • Bugfixes
    • #4862 - "endless alien turn (fueldump map)"
    • #4877 - "Incorrect tip for weapons reload"
    • #4868 - "Invalid sounds in terrain.ufo"
    • #4855 - "Using an empty hand needs to get mouse back"
    • #3412 - "Trigger_touch works for a single entity only"
    • #4847 - "impassable squares in 'Rivertown' map"
    • #3449 - "roof shown at wrong level in 'Laboratory' map"
    • Fixed window position saving in TexTool::shutdown
    • get rid of the console flodding in developer mode when a hud is active

In total, 291 commits were made in the UFO:AI repository in February.


Just wondering, you guys didn't put any cheats in did you?

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Hey did you know you guys can get in trouble for the look of your plasma pistol? I really don't want that to happen, I love your game, but you should switch the color and model a little bit.

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Great news. You guys still kick major backside!

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