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Post news RSS Monstrous Realms Announced on Steam. Grand Strategy + Tactical RPG Hybridin set in a Fantasy World

Lockbow Games has announced Monstrous Realms, a Grand Strategy and Tactical RPG Hybrid, where armies of monsters are used to conquer a medieval fantasy world.

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Lockbow Games has announced Monstrous Realms a new Grand Strategy and Tactical RPG Hybrid set in a medieval fantasy world. Govern a kingdom, directing heroes and monsters to conquer the continent. Victory is grasped through warfare, research, city development, diplomacy, trade, dungeon delving, crafting, and unit customization.

Monstrous Realms Steam Page

Promote and customize your heroes through branching job classes, while evolving your monsters to unlock their true potential.

Develop new technology to strengthen your armies and unlock new benefits for your kingdom

Grow your cities and armies to extend your power

Expand through warfare by conquering your neighbors

Make alliances with neighbors to work together against stronger enemies

Mysterious dungeons contain powerful artifacts to strengthen your kingdom

Allows the creation of endless procedural worlds to explore and conquer.

Provides a handcrafted world with a far-reaching story about power, control, and the lengths the powerful will go to maintain their dominance.

Reaching back centuries, among each generation of humankind, an elite group is born from their ranks: the Ascendants, those who wield great power, can be brought back from death and can control armies of monsters. Ascendants govern nations. With the power to control monsters, their might overtakes armies. This power is known as Dominion.

After a weapon that can kill “immortals” is unleashed, war erupts across the land. Ascendants control monsters as disposable tools, forcing them into the jaws of human conflict.

War, kidnapping, torture, murder. To what lengths will Ascendants go to preserve their “immortality?” In the chaos of war, who will become the real monster?

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