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Updates on the mod's current condition, and whereabouts O_o

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Hello everyone, there has been a change in the release date and the mod won't be finished by the time I had anticipated, for which, I'm sorry to bring you all such bad news. I know that you all are looking forward to seeing the mod and playing through it's horrifying ordeal, but unforeseen events have arisen and caused me to have to redo a lot of the art that is currently in the mod.

Since late June of this year, I have started working at Zombie Studios as an environment artist (http://www.zombie.com). I've already learned tons of new stuff that will make Apollyon Asylum look, feel, and add an overall polish of 100 fold to its grand atmosphere! I will continue to work on the mod and post updates of how it is going, and probably some before and after pictures of the art compared to its former "ancestors" =)

So, by the looks of it, it is bad news, yes. But this is also good news in the way that the mod will be using the full potential of the engine by way of lighting, performance, and other effects that might otherwise muck up the great gameplay that I have in store! I hope you will all continue to show the excellent support that I've seen from you and bear with me as I run the polish pass on the mod. Thank you for your understanding, farewell until next time.


Project Lead

DaveTheFreak - - 994 comments

A delay is okay, because it's used for polishing to make the mod more great. Always a good thing, keep it up!

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itchylot - - 160 comments

Sounds good. I can't wait to see the improvements you've made.

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Mualama - - 238 comments

sounds good, and congrats on the job at zombie studios!

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AlCool - - 3,112 comments


Congrats tho...

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Picklock Author
Picklock - - 414 comments

Thanks everyone, I'm going through a transition period right now so it's going a bit slow.. but the work i've done to the asylum in the past couple weeks have really helped performance issues I was starting to encounter.

"Things are gettin better, things are gettin better everyday"

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EP!C - - 1 comments

Awesome, Firespawn told me about this whole project; he has me PMing you about joining the crew as a concept artist.


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