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Post news RSS Modern day real-time grand strategy Realpolitiks II moved to November 18th and to Steam Early Access

Featuring 208 fully playable countries, 2 campaigns and over 1500 provinces, as well as many new features and mechanics

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Hello everyone,

We are sorry to announce that we have decided to postpone the release of Realpolitiks II for two more weeks to November 18.

We did our best and worked very hard to keep our initial release date as promised but due to the challenges we are facing caused by the pandemic, the restrictions we have while working remotely, but also the overwhelming feedback we got from the community, we wanted to give the project a bit more time to bring you a complete and engaging experience we can all be proud of.

Because of this and also taking into consideration the restricted release options we have due to the Holiday season that is approaching, in order to avoid the delay and having you wait until the next year, we have decided to release the game into Early Access first with the full launch following early in 2021. But most of all - while the title is in a very good state content wise and will be fully playable and functional on November 18, we want to engage all of you into the further development of Realpolitiks II and use the community's feedback to improve and polish the game even more.

With 216 fully playable countries, 2 campaigns from the start and 1500 provinces, many new features and mechanics the game is huge. Despite the extensive QA we have had, it is nearly impossible to fully test the gameplay for each nation we feature in the game and we want Realpolitiks II to be balanced perfectly. In the end we are doing it all for you guys, we want to make sure we are going in the right direction with the further development, including a new post-apo scenario that we plan to have available before February.

Until then, we will keep you updated with new content and information about the game.

We understand that many of you might feel upset, as we do as well, but this is the best decision we could take so we will not disappoint you with the quality of the game. We appreciate your patience and we look forward to delivering you Realpolitiks II!

Team Jujubee and 1C Entertainment

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