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A small overview of my anticipated timeline for the Modeling Process.

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Thank you for the views and follows thus far. I appreciate seeing people are interested in seeing this game created. However, as a team of One Man this will be a long and slow process. And fankly the potential players for this game deserve some sort of timeline.

That is what this news post is about. Being a Modeler at heart I plan to get that all out of the way first. As you can see I have a few models completed namely the EDF Destroyer and Desslok's Flagship. However I have been busy in school and haven't created any new models. So here we go folks, the Modeling Run is what I'm calling it.

I have several ships selected that are primarily canon to the Star Blazers Universe. I anticipate the completion of all Models of the EDF Fleet by the end of this SUMMER. And the completion of the Gamilon Fleet's ships by the end of FALL.

I am leaving myself enough time with these completion dates to make sure that I can not only produce a game in which people will enjoy, but also time for me to focus on my studies as a Student of the Game Design Art. I will appreciate your patience and support as always.

And yes, for those that potentially want to ask this question, Star Blazers: Five Years of Fire will be a FREE TO PLAY GAME. I will not charge anyone for this work of art as it is A. A fan's creation. and B. I do not hold the proper licenses to sell the game in the name of the Unity Engine or Voyager Entertainment. It is my wish that by the end of completion someone will notice it from Voyager and discuss things with me, but as it stands now, I am working alone on a game for the Fans of Star Blazers to enjoy.

Once again, thank you for your time and patience and I hope to see more followers and get you the Star Blazers game you rightfully deserve.

Also attached to this news article is a proposed. COVER ART for the game if it were to actually be sold in stores. I hope you enjoy it. If you look in the top left hand corner you can see the Work in Progress EDF Dry-Dock, an original creation of mine built specifically for this game!

Proposed Cover Art

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