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Dear modelers! Thank you for many great feedback about our production! Below you can find first information about Model Builder and you will see our announcement trailer.

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Model Builder is a simulation game, allowing players to build their own models. If you have ever considered giving it a shot at building models, but never had enough resources – this realistic simulator will help you fulfill your dream.

Just because it’s virtual, doesn’t mean it’s going to be easy. Model Builder makes the assembly process as challenging as it is in real life. From choosing a machine to build next, through adjusting parts and customizing, the construction of the models will require a lot of patience and won’t be forgiving. Nevertheless – the satisfaction coming from improving your skills or finishing the model will be very real and the progress will be noticeable.

The experience doesn’t end once the model is done. After you put it on a display, you can have even more fun, because our machines can tell a story. Bragging with your finished models means much more than just putting them on a shelf – they are made for a greater purpose of storytelling, that’s completely dependent on you and your imagination. How are you going to position them? Which will play the main role? What will the scene look like? The possibilities are endless.

It is up to the players what will be presented on their virtual display in the future. The process consists of two parts – in the first one players need to follow the instructions, while in the second they can unleash their creativity. Every model will require a different approach. Gained experience will allow players to use more complicated tools. The final look and presentation of the models will be purely up to them.

From the very beginning, the game will offer a huge variety of models to choose from and unlock, with more to come in post-release updates. Just as the models, tools will be unlocked with player’s progress. Gameplay will require a solid commitment from players, as all of the tools are designed to work in the same as in real life. All of the hard work will be rewarded after the presentation of finished models. However, there’s no need to be serious about it the whole time. You messed something up, but still want to see what the result will be if you stop following the instructions? You can surprise not only yourself, but also everyone who sees your finished work!

The game, created by Moonlit S.A. based on the idea Kuba Wójcik, is dedicated to everyone who is in any way interested in building models. No matter if they were never given a chance to try it, they don’t have enough spare time or resources to develop their interest, or are just looking for a new way to express their creativity. In this workshop, everyone is welcome!

More about Model Builder:

★ Model building simulation
★ Mirroring the real-life rules of model building
★ Noticeable player’s skills development
★ Many different machines to choose from
★ Unlockable content, prizes for finished and creatively displayed models
★ Platforms: PC, consoles
★ Publisher: Moonlit S.A.
★ Release: Q4 2020

if you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us! :)

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Twitter - Twitter.com
Website - Modelbuilder.game
YouTube - Youtube.com

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