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Mod's direction is shifting a bit, most of what's done is getting scrapped. Future looks bright, though.

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Good Morning,

It's been a while since I last posted; progress, I'm sad to say, has been slow.

However, I've recently been delving into modelling and texturing, so hopefully, this mod can see some new, and truly unique weapons. I've high ambitions for this mod, and I finally have a picture in my head for what I want it to become. The picture's still a little fuzzy in the corners, but for now, it's but a dream.

I'd like to tell you all now what I hope for this mod to become, or, what I'd like for it to have.

The Dull Stuff

  • Hunting: We've seen it in a few mods before, and I'd definitaly like to include it here.
  • More foodstuffs: My palat's grown weary of M&B's ubiquitous cabbages, and honey-toast-chicken-salad-tuna-fish-sandwiches. It's rather tricky business adding food, but I'd definately like to include such fun items as "Stew" or "Soup!"
  • A new and improved map
  • Possibly naval combat
  • Possibiy fire effects
  • Permanant death, of the player character and enemy lords.

More Interesting stuff

  • Re-doing the factions. Some fella's get scrapped. I'd also like to introduce some factions.
  • New factions mean new troops and troop trees, and that means new equipment. My final vision uses practically none of the resources being used in the current Alpha version.
  • About the factions, yeah, they won't be balanced in any way. Some will have more towns, others more castles. Some will be rather small indeed, and the troops, well...I'll try to make them interesting, but I make no promises to fairness.
  • New quests and characters
  • Entirely re-done scenes (oy veh! Do you know how long it takes to edit a scene!) featuring new buildings
  • New towns and castles. *cough* With new names.
  • Firearms: Yes, we already have those. But semi-autos? Repeaters? Duckfeet? I--didn't--think--so!

In the Native game, after a few months of campaigning, buying all your gear, and leveling up your troops, things became sorta...easy. You were financially secure, and with your army of super soldiers, more or less unstoppable on your own, even if you were playing at the highest difficulty settings. Well, I'd like to scale this mod down to a skirmisher level, where a single bullet means the difference between life and death, victory and defeat, and a soldiers death is keenly felt. On that, I'd like to

  • Make things more expensive. Troops will have high levels, and be rather expensive, so much so that you might seriously consider employing a lesser soldier than upgrading him to something more expensive.
  • The battles are going to be on a smaller scale. No more armies of five hundred, think more along the lines of fifty at the most.
  • Leadership won't take you as far as it used to, nor will many of the stats, but to help you on your way, there will be various trinkets, and perhaps even potions which boost your stats. Imagine, if you will, visiting a local apothocary for, say, a strength potion, which boosts your Power Strike, say, +10, but the vial is consumed that very day! So you'll need to stock up on those temporary boosts.
  • Charisma and Pursuasion will become vastly important with some quests.
  • You might want to build up your possy with Characters instead of regular troops.
  • Some troops are faction specific, that is to say, you can only recruit them once you've joined the faction, and then, only from cities.

In addition to adding quests, and make a new map, this world will be large. That doesn't mean there will be cities all over the place, no, for the larger factions, their lands will be spread out over a large area. Vast open areas, where bandits and desperado's roam (Don't worry, they'll be different from the current version's Rouges.)
But in the vast expanses of the deserts and field, off in the mountains that you have no really reason to visit, there might be...hidden things. Cursed things. Dangerous things. Then again, there might be fantastic treasures that could make a man for life. Or terrible horrors which rob him of it.I wouldn't expect those fancier parts to be added till the later versions, though, as I'd muchly like to keep them as a surprise. Right now, the name of the game is modelling and texturing, then, map editing, then, scene editing. But it's just me fellas, so this could take a while. You're welcome to pitch in though! I'll see if I can't upload some concept art, which I dearly need to make.Anyhow, I hope you're all well, and that you'll wish me luck!

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