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Sorry for the inconvenience. When a team falls, the project crumbles. Thanks for sticking with us while it lasted.

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As the title says, as much as all of you did not want to hear any of this.

We are terribly sorry for the inconvenience, as much as you wanted to see this mod finished, things didn't go as planned in the end.

When a team falls apart, a project crumbles.. This was going to be an ambitious mod, with custom music, voice acting, alot of custom textures and assets and including a new enemy.

The problem was, we barely worked as a team, a lot of the times we disagreed with things and ended up going into arguments.

I have done this with my past third mod *(Sacrileges beneath Bergedorf" before this one and it was my fault for creating a page too early and building up the hype on you all although, I did not expect this to happen.

But don't you worry, the maps we have all worked on won't go to waste, Kira Immortal will do them justice and use them in one of his mods. As I trust in him.

Wish you all a Happy New year to you and your loved ones, take care and stay safe.

RadicalBatz & Doctor Dolor


Sad to hear. Happy new year to you as well though and all the best for the future. :)

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