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Just wanting to give an update on what's going on with me and this mod.

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I'm not sure if many noticed but development news from this mod has all but halted. It was never my intention to leave it this way but my living situation has changed and I've had little time to really sit down and work on this. I want to affirm that I have not forgotten about this project and hope to return to it sometime soon but I do want to at least announce its status as postponed for now, something I should've done a couple months ago.

The reasoning for this is a bit two-fold. One is inevitably increased responsibilities that has consumed a large portion of what was once a plentiful amount of free time. The second is lack of enough interest in spending the free time I still have developing the mod. That isn't to say that I have no interest in developing the mod but that other interests have superseded it. I want to again reassure people that this does not mean I'll be abandoning the mod. My interests normally wax and wane cyclically so this isn't unexpected really and my interest will eventually renew itself as interest in other things wanes.

Once my living situation is more stable, which should be starting next year, I plan to at least return to re-evaluate this project somewhat. I believe that I might of let my imagination get away from myself and set milestones years ahead of development instead of planning development incrementally. I might not make any changes as I did investigate the feasibility of all the things needed and all but voxel development I expect to be able to do by myself despite possibly taking a consider amount of time. I just want to make sure that I still feel that it's possible to pull off at that time.

In summary, I want to reassure people that even though development is currently stalled, the project remains at the back of my mind and I have no plans to abandon it anytime soon. I still hold a great bit interest in making this mod a reality and will certainly be revisiting it as soon as I am able.

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