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The first journal that relates to the first release, some known bugs, and a small glimpse into the plans for the future.

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Hey everyone!

This is IMakeMods (in the event the team expands, the main one IMakeMods) here and I wanted to let you all know that the mod is near it's first release! There is a known glitch that I am trying to fix with technology; the glitch is when you open the tech menu, the game crashes. Other than that you can expect a 1900 release very soon! There are going to be major game changes in the future with the first update regarding national ideas (up to World War I) and then graphic changes to the main menu (the bookmarks are not wrapping like I want them to).

As it goes currently, I'm aiming to release the 'bare-bones' version of the mod sometime next week. At that point, I should hopefully have a historical start for leaders (the only leaders changed as of now are in nations that I changed a lot or made such as Germany and the Russian Empire) and most, if not all, of the ground tree finished.

The mod will only support English as of now because I am not proficient enough in any other language to actually support other localizations.

A tentative schedule for July looks like this:

  • July 6-7: Official mod release, alpha v0.1 is opened to the public
  • July 16-17: Major nation national focuses are finished (hopefully I can figure out how to make the opening setup screen look like a national focus or tech screen with a scrollbar)
    • Ottoman Empire, United Kingdom, Russian Empire, Qing Empire, Italian Empire, German Empire, France, United States, Japan, Austria-Hungary
  • July 23-24: Minor nation/generic national focus added
  • July 27-28: Game balances (relating to factories, military placements, etc)
  • July 30-31: Finish technology tree up to 1918
    • This includes everything that was not complete, various updates will come out relating to tech trees at odd points

The plan is very ambitious (mainly relating to the national focuses) so please be patient when I say I have to delay an update - I am working alone on this mod and learning everything about the game's programming by looking at the files.

Thanks for reading and I hope all the Americans have a wonderful 4th of July! To everyone else, I hope you have a fantastic day and enjoy any holidays your sect/nation has until I post again!

Love, IMakeMods


Luv u

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how do I install?

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