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MMA Simulator is a simulation game based on owning your own gym to train fighters, manage coaches, maintain your income and win championships! For more regular dev updates follow me on Twitter @ZeverGames.

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It’s a few weeks after the MMA Simulator launch on Steam and things have finally settled down a bit! With numerous bugs being fixed and new features added the game has improved tremendously.

The biggest change:


Cornering is now in the game! You now have the ability to scream at your fighters and hope they listen to your advice ;)

Here’s how it works:

Each turn, you can issue a corner command. Your fighter has a high chance to follow the command but it isn’t guaranteed.

This will show what you’re telling them to do on the same side of the screen your fighter is on. Once that text disappears, you can issue another command.

A few things to note:

Spamming more than one command a turn does not change the command or increase the chances of the command to succeed.

If the fighter is in the clinch or on the ground, you can use the respective command for the position to give them a slight skill boost to help them! This simulates corners giving ground/clinch position advice in real fights.


Numerous parts of the game's interface have improved, the biggest being the skill breakdown that is now on the training screen allows players to see skills improve all in one place rather than having to go in between the profile and training screen.

New game creation time has been reduced by 69%! I won’t go into huge detail, but I made some great optimizations on the SQL database and the performance boost has been amazing. Saving games is much faster now as well.


Fighter names now match their nationalities. This was planned a long time ago, but the change has been very nice in adding a level of realism to the game that it lacked before with the totally random name generation.

Full screen is now an option as well! It doesn’t scale 100% properly, but it is an improvement over the window only option that was in previously. I am working on adding more resolution support.

There is now music in the game as well! It won’t be winning any soundtrack awards any time soon, but beats the total silence that used to be there.

It has been a wild ride releasing the game and I look forward to making it even better for fans of MMA and tycoon games in general. In less than a month the game has already improved immensely.

Thanks for reading and see you in the cage!

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