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The mod has been updated to v0.12, which fixes some bugs in v0.11 and is save game compatible.

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The mod has been updated to v0.12, which primarily just fixes some bugs in v0.11, namely the following:

  • Script errors when saving a village from bandits
  • Script errors when raiding a village
  • Script errors at the start of a battle about horses not being in a troop's inventory that occur if you have troops that have looted horses
  • Troops not necessarily equipping their looted horses
  • Horses showing up in sieges and other scenes like bandit lairs in which nobody should be mounted

Other than that, the custom battle feed now has the same colours as the normal battle feed when troops are killed or knocked unconscious (the exception being when allied troops not in the player's party are killed or wounded). Before they were roughly the same colours but visibly off; now they look the same.

This update should not affect save games, so if you have v0.11 you can replace it with this to get the bug fixes and it should be perfectly compatible. Thanks to everybody who brought my attention to these bugs.

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