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Minor playable factions in PARADIGM WORLD. Who they are? What they do? What are their intensions? This is short info about factions and how they look.

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(Playable) Minor factions and their sub-races:

  • Cultists. Evil cultists like in Indiana Jones series movies. They are represented mostly by Morloks. Definately unhonour faction. Theu consist mostly of low-level firearms ranged units and mediocre infantry.

  • Cannibal Holocust. This faction has "members" in two possible stages. First: cannibal stage. People become cannibals because of hunger, and mostly their die because of it. When cannibal dies, he reborns as cursed undead. First as skeleton, later he can become viking knight or skeletal necromant – The Lich.

  • Bloodthirsty Pikts. Pikt originally were elves corrupted by black lords. Mostly such kind of corruptions and depravation turns elves into savage animals with minimal level od counsiosnes. They act rather like intelligent wild animals than sensient beings. They wear orc clothes, most intelligent become shamans. They ride wargs. To imagine their reality I would use association with Robert E. Howard's pikt from Conan stories, not the historical connotation with (pre-)early-medieval Picts from British Isles waging war with Romans. They have a lot of weak infantry, quite good archers and very mobile best units: shamans with necromancer staves riding war wargs.

  • Scoiatael's. If you had any contact with the Witcher, you probably know, that Scoiataels are elven partisan commandos waging lost war for equal laws for non-humans in the human world. They hate renaissance paradigm, some say they are fifth column, Fantasy Magioucracy partisans. They have some spearmen and good rebel archers. Their units consist only from elves wich are weak in strenght, good in archery. Elves are smallest race in the game – harder to hit, but not great for infantry units in hand-to-hand fighting.

(Recruitable) Minor factions and their races:

  • Aliens Pirates and Alien Pirate Hunters. This two opposite factions are of alien race. They both use space technology – energy blasters, repeaters and even lightsabers. They ride alien spiders (pirates) and mechanical bears and wolves (pirate hunters). Blasters – the main weapon of theese factions are rather inaccurate, their bolts are slow, but powerful.

  • Lost Legion. This warrirs are the lost legendary Roman Emoire Legion. You will find here simple legionists, equites, velites and even comanders like decimus or centurion. They are disciplined warriors which use good shield, short, but quick swords. Some of units use small amount of roman javelins – pilum.

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