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In my little spare time in the past month I have make some progress to OOK...

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In my little spare time in the past month I have make some progress to OOK:

1.) Added GLSL Shader topport to textures. Now every texture gets access to a shader, which means I can finally add some of those fancy effects that I want.

2.) Added support for Full-screen Shaders. In addition to the per-texture shader, now post-effects can be done on the completed render buffer. The depth-buffer is also saved, in case I may end up using that.

3.) Rewrote the State Manager in C. Previously the State Manager was in C++ because Gwen (GUI) is C++. This didn't lend itself to the rest of the code, which is C, so I rewrote it. The rewrite ended up getting rid of a few extra files and saving me a bunch of lines of code. It also greatly streamlined laying out interfaces. I can now lay an interface in a matter of a few minutes with minimal code. Previously it took over 5 times as long to do so.

4.) Defined a better structure for the "Game" "object". Now I can pass all of the resources and managers wherever I need with ease, which has made progress much easier.

5.) Added Chipmunk physics support. Around last update, I had put the physics engine into the game, but didn't do much in terms of hooking it up. I now have it mostly hooked up and ready for the loader to add objects to it. My next step here is to finish implementing some of my "developer mode" functionality - specifically the bit that lets me easily outline models so that I can add their physics boundaries to the model list.


Hey, when you get to the testing point, I'll be there for ya. I too owned a Kestrel :)

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teh1ghool Author

Cool well I have plans which will involve anyone who wants for its release :3 Gonna be free BTW.

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