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Some fresh news about the upcoming game, Little R.

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So, I am working very hard into pushing the game forward, I want to release it on 5 July as some of you might saw.
I was thinking to show you the progress done today, so let's begin fellas':

  • More levels
  • The Lit Furnace texture has been improved, as you can see below, I'm already working on it
  • Added torch (I still don't think that I'll put lighting into the game)
  • Added lava lobby at level 5
  • Added new improvements at level 7
  • Added new improvements to water
  • Added improvements to player movement
  • Added improvements to player jumping action
  • Added new improvements to the effects of the level changing
  • Added more villages on levels
  • Added spruce leaves

And now the bug-fixes, they are not pretty much because I didn't found all of them:

  • Fixed Gravel texture
  • Fixed Snow texture and some bugs about it

So now let's talk more about the tehnic parts, as I said above about the Lit Furnace, here's a picture of what I'm doing at the moment, I try to animate it, by adding more images and then re-draw them:

Working Progress

So I think that's all for today, thanks for reading, I'll put more screenshots later.

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