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Post news RSS Milestone reached this week, graphics engine completed.

A whole year has passed since I started development of the graphics engine (a.k.a. Dudu3D), and now I'm proud to announce it here at IndieDB, along with some updates about what you can expect from our project in the year of 2014.

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Dudu3D is a project I started many years ago but never got any real progress due to lack of experience, I'd always start coding only to realise the whole data structure was a mess after many months into programming and decide I needed to start all over again. That happened three times over the course of four years. Quite a steep learning curve!

The entire code is written in C++ using the OpenGL API. SDL sets up the window for rendering and PortAudio handles the sound mixing. All libraries are carefully choosen to ensure cross-platform capabilities, as our goal is to release this project on as many operating systems as possible and allow users to compile the source code themselves on their native platforms if they choose so.

The following features are included: normal mapping, reflections, shadow maps, flares & glares rendering, CUDA & OpenCL implementation of particle's engine and post-processing, which includes motion blur and light refraction effects.

Prototype - WIPPrototype - WIP
Prototype - WIP

For the X-Speed project, I'm really excited about the possibilities coming into this new year. Development has been slow for a long, long time and now we're in a position were we can finally start doing some art work to really validate our hard work writting all that code, afterall, what good is an game engine for without good 3D models and textures? We're now at that stage of, hopefully, producing good art.

For the near future, our plans are to release a modest prototype to showcase the graphics, sound and gameplay. Chris Spencer and Justin Blocker are very capable sound artists and are working on sound effects and music respectivelly. Adnan Sljivo is currently working on the gameplay and his previous work can be seen in the first video we posted here a couple of years ago. I'm responsible for the graphics.

Keep in touch with our little project if you fancy the good old anti-gravity racing of classics F-Zero and Xtreme-G. I'll do my best to keep this project up to date here.

Feedbacks and constructive criticism are always welcomed.

Thanks for reading and good luck with your projects as well!

GrindCrushLLC - - 81 comments

Nice! Congrats on getting it done.

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TMarques Author
TMarques - - 10 comments

Appreciate the feedback! Now we'll focus on getting the rest of the game done, we hope we're able to do it.

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FNGamesAlex - - 719 comments

Pretty good for a custom built :)

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TMarques Author
TMarques - - 10 comments

Thanks! It's a lot of work to get it done but it's worth it in the end.

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Alicelewis - - 3 comments

waoo its very wonderful . congrats to you for this amazing success . i wish that you will got soon .

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TMarques Author
TMarques - - 10 comments

Wow, that's nice to hear, very glad you liked!

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1234lorenzo - - 1 comments

Hey, I would like to help you with this, and I need some help with some other things, please contact me!!!! 1234lorenzo@gmail.com

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