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Now actively looking for designers to help polish up the game

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First thing I'd like to announce is that I am now currently looking for other people to help join in on the game, currently looking for designers to help create additional models like houses, npcs, boss creatures etc.


In regards to actual game, I've been working on the quest system and it's actually been easier than I thought it would! So more screens of that to come over the weekend :)

Also I created a script for companions, I'm not sure whether I am going to implement this feature for the demo but how it works is that you go upto a hireable companion, talk to them, pay them some gold and then they just follow your around, you get a bigger inventory and they will attack anything you attack, as I don't have any models for companions at the moment, I'm just using a basic cube >.< but it works in the same way.

Bit more about the quest
If and NPC has a quest that hasn't been activated or completed a quest symbol will be above the NPCs head, if you get into a certain range while facing the NPC it will ask you to press E to talk, once pressed a quest dialogue box appears with an option to accept or decline, If you accepts the quest turns to an active state and adds to the quest log. If the quest is a higher level that you the text is red, if it's lower it's green, if it' around the same level it's orange to help show difficulty. On you completion you return to the quest giver and receive exp, items,gold and maybe a spell scroll(buffs) and the quest clears from the quest log.

Refining combat
At the moment the combats pretty basic like most hack and slash games, I am in the midst of finding a way to keep it interesting, mobs have random buffs and spells at the moment but I wan't to create a more clever AI so this is what I will be working on soon.

And finally if anyone want's to get involved or knows someone that may want to help in the production of the game, just drop me a line or skype me on kelixaleir

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