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A new ship, news from the front, and a sneak peek at our upcoming Greenlight trailer.

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Merry Christmas !

Gameplay, and the state of the game

We were hoping to gift an alpha version of Helium Rain to our most dedicated supporters - unfortunately, we couldn't make it in time. In the meantime, here's a glimpse of what a fighter-heavy battle looks like today...

trailer dogfight

Combat gameplay is mostly done by now. We still have some balancing to do, but the functionality is finished. We are still working very hard on the trading gameplay. The next features will be :

  • trade route setup - so that you ca elaborate complex trading plans
  • fleet management UI - to setup escorts, battle groups, trading fleets
  • company AI - giving life to your competition !

A new ship

We've been working hard to ensure there is a lot to do in the game. We believe that collecting ships will be rewarding, as your company goes from small space tugs to heavy destroyers. Our latest ship, the Leviathan class, is the new top gun.



The ship mostly inherits from the older Invader class, but with a deadly twist. This flagship carries six gun turrets and six reactors, making it extremely hard to destroy. Our test battles show that a single Leviathan can outgun five capital ships !

Getting to Steam

As you may know, we plan on releasing the game through Steam in a few months. The biggest challenge is to get the game accepted on Steam Greenlight. We will definitely need your help for that ! We got a big surprise from Epic Games, makers of the Unreal Engine 4 we are using, when they decided to feature the game on their launcher for a few days.


Thank you Epic ! Here's the full version of the picture, another shot of the Leviathan class, orbiting the planet Nema.


We are working on a full trailer for Greenlight. We will be sharing it here in a few weeks, when we are done unpacking gifts, celebrating and eating chocolate.

Merry Christmas !

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