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After some considerable work and research I found the model that suits best my vision. Meet, the Horror

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Hey guys,

After some considerable polishing and work, I managed to implement the first enemy (AI) in Blinding Dark.

The Spiked Hellspawn:

High physical consistency - makes him susceptible to impact damage delivered by the Revolver or the Sacrificial Axe.
HP - 100 (medium resistance) - can be taken down from a safe distance with the Revolver, provided that there is only one...
Damage - Three attack types (unique animations for each): 15/10/10
Fast with good aggressive chasing

There is little resemblance to the origins of this lesser demon, a human being. Suitable for this demonic form are the souls and bodies of the deceased psychopaths, serial killers, torturers and their kind.
With black metal armor parts melted in place into the skin and large spikes made of obsidian they are a dangerous foe to challenge.


Further, here is a short video showcasing the Spiked Hellspawn enemy and also the new ability of the Dispel Focus: light casting. With the Dispel Focus active, right click to activate this special ability.

Let me know what you think in the comments below and ask me any question you feel like :)
Thanks for tuning in guys and see you next time!

Chr0n0s85 - - 189 comments

Animation needs fine tuning, but the atmosphere is great. Good work!

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Borzi - - 196 comments

Holy **** its amazing!

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