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Meet the cast of Terceris! Next, the primary antagonists of the game, the Grandmasters of the Eternal Ascendancy.

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The world of Terceris has a wide range of characters with complicated stories and personalities. Now that you're familiar with the Redsite Expeditionary Force, it's time to introduce the primary antagonists of the game: The Grandmasters of the Eternal Ascendancy, the overall leadership over the worldwide imperial regime.


Emperor Tairous Kerrien is the emperor of The Eternal Ascendancy and the effective ruler of the entire planet. Through political manipulation and intimidation over every world government, the dark sorcerer holds Earth with an iron grip. Mysterious, scheming, and never publicly seen, Emperor Tairous has imposed strict, oppressive laws in order to fulfill an unknown campaign and threatens total destruction over those who oppose him. Not only possessing the destructive firepower of his empire, but he is also a master in the dark arts of sorcery. He has established himself as one of the most powerful and feared beings on Earth. Emperor Tairous one of the three main antagonists of the game.


Supreme Director Vendetta, real name Natsuko Aokita, is the Supreme Director of the Eternal Ascendancy. A powerful Zal'nier assassin, Vendetta not only exercises absolute power over the Ascendancy, but is also highly skilled in both melee and ranged combat. She is also known to utilize her species-born ability of telekinesis in combat. Upbeat, short-tempered, and charismatic, Vendetta has established herself as a highly proficient sharpshooter and melee combatant, possessing a large range of melee and ranged weaponry, all hidden within her armor. Her loyalty to her empire goes unmatched.


Grand Captain Quinn Tallar is a master tactician and pilot. He is famous for his complex, effective, and lethal combat planning and strategies, and does whatever he can to achieve victory. Highly loyal to the Ascendancy, Tallar is quick-thinking, punctual, and extremely scheming. While he may not be a fighter, Tallar is a highly dangerous force on the battlefield. With command over the Air Regiment, Tallar has the deadly firepower of the Ascendancy's air forces under his control.


Chief Colonel Cornelius Hawlk is the commander of the Ascendancy's navy and the head of the empire's research and science division. Hawlk is a genius, experienced scientist who specializes in the creation of military technology, along with utilizing the power of energy to create a wide array of weapons, equipment, vehicles, and more. Not only did he find a way to harness and utilize all types of energy, especially mystical energy, but he created a battlesuit to personally weaponize it.


Powerful, grizzled, and war-torn, the former Jaar warrior First Commander Savahar Manlak brings deadly firepower and experience to the Ascendancy. Head of the Special Operations Regiment, Manlak is a specialist in demolitions, infiltration, black ops, hostage rescue, and kicking ass. Deployed when things get serious, Manlak is a deadly, menacing, and notorious presence in the battlespace. Manlak is always armed to the teeth with things that go boom and things that are certified to blow his enemies' heads off within mere seconds.


An unstoppable force, and an immovable object. Regiment General Bloodfrost is Emperor Tairous' elite and most terrifying leader in the Ascendancy's army. Once a Jaar captain who was cursed to be a frozen monster, Bloodfrost was freed from his agony by Emperor Tairous and recruited as the sorcerer's killing machine and future leader. In command of the Ascendancy's Army Regiment, Bloodfrost leads the Ascendancy's armies from the frontlines, bloodying his electric axe with any of those foolish enough to stand in his or his empire's way.


Coming up next: Other villains of the series, including Hellstorm, Lord Krono, and the Marecan King.

Terceris will be released around the end of 2020.

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