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This is the official change- & versionlog for my newest MechCommander Gold fullversion standalone, called MechCommander Gold - Prometheus. In this article i keep the development information for the new MCG built up to date.

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Modding MechCommander:

MechCommander Gold - P.R.O.M.E.T.H.E.U.S v5.0
History Version Changelog

planned release: (December, 24th, 2020)

Hello dear MechCommanders,

i think some of may already know that i'm working out completely new content for MechCommander. Now the first official announcement. I confirm that i am working on a new standalone built for MechCommander Gold. After i have created and developed MechCommander Gold - Darkest Hours - to it's final version 4.2 built i would like to start to work on my own ideas and content for the game. The Darkest Hours version is totally different from what i am actually doing with Prometheus. While i only merged existent content for MechCommander into one XXL standalone - the Prometheus version 5.0 will contain totally new stuff. New maps, a completely new single player campaign that will include approximately ~200 missions total when it's finished. Actually i work on the completion of Operation 1 - containing the first fifty mission block for the new XXL Clan campaign. Although i am inventing plans and ideas for the second campaign slot, that finally may be implemented into Prometheus.

In addition some voice actors and me are working on new voices for MechWarrior pilots. Parts of this project will even take place in the existing MCG Darkest Hours standalone version. The new voice packages for custom made warriors will be introduced via optional update and the fullversion download will be upgraded with new voices until the project is finished.

The first demo built release will probably take place for download X-Mas 2020. This depends how far my modding work will continue until then. Actually i plan to release a full Operation 1 containing 50 brandnew single player campaign missions for MechCommander 1. This Demo Version will then be continiously updatet until it will reach it's final standalone status.

Would you like to know more? Read the current MC1/MCG by RizZ newsletter!

MCG Prometheus - XXL TGA example

MCG Prometheus: Operation 1, Mission 14 - basic map design

MCG DH planned v4.x final voice update-release:

  • Voice package update for final 4.0 version & above

MCG DHP - v5.0 development - PROMETHEUS built:

  • Original Clan Campaign:
    Operation 1 containing 50 missions - Mission maps leak 2020!
    Operation 2 containing 25 missions
    Operation 3 containing 50 missions
    Operation 4 containing 25 missions
    Operation 5 containing 50 missions
  • Expansion Campaign:
    several apects and ideas for another optional solo campaign into the final built
    no further development ongoing at the moment, just ideas & options
  • new MechWarriors & existing MechWarriors in a new shape
  • new MechWarrior voice packages for MC Game sound: Voice acting project
  • new ArtWork
  • new ingame movies & videos for campaign Ops
  • new alternate storyplot from the beginning of the invasion (clanside)
  • brandnew map scenarios
  • new purchase & logistic system - integrated mixed tech from scratch
  • more than 45 (original limit) enemy units on a single map (100-200 is the new maximum)
  • ideas and improvements for a new ACE rank (Green, Regular, Veteran, Elite & Ace then)
  • creating mission content via MC Editor, Extender & ABL scripting

This is all i can say so far about the new standalone version. I hope you enjoy that insight. This article will be updatet from time to time in order to keep you informed about the total development process of my new masterpiece, hehe.

Mission pool for the new

Clan campaign

Clan campaign missions:

Original map environment || weight || units || Clan mission ID || additional info
<strong>TheRepulse 1 by RizZ	 25t     2m	*Clan0101
Yankee 0101 by RizZ	 50t	 4m	*Clan0102
Island by RustyDios	  5t	 3m	*Clan0103		
MW Campaign Op1Mis1	  55t	 4m	*Clan0104
TheRepulse 2 by RizZ	 90t     3m	*Clan0105
Island by RizZ		185t     6m	*Clan0106
SnafuV2	by RizZ		150t	 4m	*Clan0107
TheRepulse 3 by RizZ	 90t	 3m	*Clan0108
TheRepulse 4 by RizZ	120t	 4m	*Clan0109
TheRepulse 5 by RizZ	150t	 4m	*Clan0110
Deserter		85t	 4m	*Clan0111
MtSteal - Lost Treas.	110t	 2m	*Clan0112
The_first_offense_01	250t	 4m	*Clan0113
The_first_offense_01p2	250t	 4m	*Clan0114 by RizZ
TheRepulse 6 by RizZ	240t	 4m	*Clan0115
TheRepulse 7 by RizZ	220t	 4m	*Clan0116 - Very hard
TheRepulse 8 by RizZ	290t	 4m	*Clan0117 - Very hard
Yankee 0103b		210t	 4m	*Clan0118
Yankee 0104a		330t	 4m	*Clan0119
Yankee 0105		200t	 4m	*Clan0120
Yankee 0106		130t	 4m	*Clan0121
Yankee 0201		120t	 4m	*Clan0122
Yankee 0202		120t	 4m	*Clan0123
Yankee 0203		250t	 4m	*Clan0124
The_first_offense_02	400t	 8m	*Clan0125
The_first_offense_03	400t	 8m	*Clan0126
The_first_offense_04	500t	 8m	*Clan0127
The_first_offense_05	500t	 12m	*Clan0128
The_first_offense_06	335t	 8m	*Clan0129
The_first_offense_07	500t	 8m	*Clan0130 - very hard
The_first_offense_08	880t	 8m	*Clan0131 - hard
The_first_offense_09	850t	 8m	*Clan0132 - very hard</strong>
Behind the lines	 35t	 1m	*Clan0133 - Scout mission needs map overhauling

All maps above got overhauled MC Editor, Extender/Extractor & ABL manual scripting the mission fit files.
All maps below are part of the mission map scenario pool for the new Clan campaign project. Currently only
missions for Op1-Op3 are included in the lists below. Op4 & Op5 mission pools will be added later.


Beginner missions (Op1): 5-250t

BarmCost			 70t 	 1m 	Hardcore Mission for later ops		(+4 MechWarriors)
BayRaid2			230t	 8m
Cerm1			190t	 4m	
CermDemo			190t	 4m
Citadel			220t	 4m
Comm Interrupt		220t	 4m
CommanV2			105t	 4m
Convoy			100t	 4m 	Testmission (must be further developed)
Cityscape nightmare	 45t	 4m	Hardcore Mission for later ops - bugged - all units & waypaths need to be rechecked / replaced
Deep Recon		150t	 4m	
Operation Dial Tone	 95t	 4m
ELH Scout		        170t	 4m 		'Turkina mission
Graduat3		        200t	 2m 2m		Vehicle only - Three HQ mission
Hydro Electric		200t	 4m
JJBreak			130t	 4m
Kapela3 - pipelines	225t	12m
Lone Wolf		          70t	 4m	Medium mechs mid op
Nova Strike		         220t	 4m
Op-Excal - Prison Break  65t	 1m	Big base complex, needs technical overhauling mid op / or end
PA 0102 alternate	160t	12m
PA 0101 alternate	170t	12m
PA S Roedan II		285t	 8m
Politics		        250t	 8m
XXX12XXX		        150t	 3m
Reinforcements		 70t	 4m	Hardcore mission for later ops
Op Salamander 1		180t	 4m
SpyHunt			100t	 4m	Map is basically OP (needs 100% recreation)
Strike on Ueda		250t	 4m
Surgical Strike		110t	 4m
The Damned		 65t	 2m	Jump mission / Mad Cat W
The Wall		       205t	 8m
TrialV2 of position	 75t	 4m	Map is basically OP (needs 100% recreation)
2nd_Refusal_War_07	230t	 5m
2nd Refusal war 09	500t	 8m	Needlehole mission with heavy enemy mechs

(66 missions)

Intermediate - medium (Op2-3): (250-600t)

Alamo - Ally Defense	360t	12m
Avenger A		        600t	12m
Back-to-the-front	370t	12m
C_S_Foolsgoal		365t	 8m
Camp Breach Alert	385t	 6m
Canyon Crash		315t	 8m
Castle			445t	12m
Checkpoint 41		330t	 8m
Clan Jam		        400t	 8m
Cluster			450t	 8m
Counterstrike		300t	12m
Cutting Teeth		550t	12m
Death Spiral		500t	12m
Domino Z		        390t	 6m
Engage - Op Ironfist	420t	 8m
Escape			570t	 8m
Explorer		        385t	 4m
Farm - Family Battle	340t	 8m
Fi_or_Fl		        400t	 8m
Gettysburg		        475t	 8m
Gratos2	Invasion	300t	 8m
Helm - Price of glory	500t	 8m
Hells Highway		390t	12m
Hit n Run		        350t	 8m
Industrial Strike	        600t	12m
Ironfist		        550t	 8m
Isleroad		        450t	12m
KaiFeng			535t	12m
Keifeng			535t	12m
LLDefense		        275t	 6m
Maginot Line		600t	12m
Maze Madness		540t	 8m
MC2Demo V1		370t	 8m

Update entry: 12/24/2020 X-Mas free giveaway:

Hello dear MechCommanders,
finally i managed to release a betaTest built for my new Clan Edition Standalone, Prometheus. Here the things that got into the final release:

  • integrated Visual & Weapon Range rebalance mod for more Wide-Screen compatibility & realism
  • 33 brandnew 'Clan Wolf campaign missions to play (Prometheus Clan campaign)
  • Operation 1 status: 33 of 50 missions complete and ready for use
  • 15% of the total game content is already usable
  • from mision 34 on you will be "thrown" into the Darkest Hours campaign until updates will finally replace ALL Darkest Hours content in order to make this built a new record breaking 200 mission total campaign with five full working operations
  • the whole Expansion Merge from MCG Darkest Hours as additional goodie (optional 2nd campaign mode) with 42 additional missions
  • 358 solo missions for skirmish solomission game mode (original had three missions)
  • 64 multiplayer scenarios (original had about 20)
  • full operationable new Clan Wolf Menu Design
  • two bonus songs for the Main Menu & Logistics
  • full mixed tech purchase for the Prometheus campaign
  • see the official P.R.O.M.E.T.H.E.U.S. version changelog
  • plus some hidden gems and goodies (new RizZen voice package for example)

Sadly to say, this is just 15% of the content this fullversion will finally have - when it's done. Things that will follow with the next updates are...

  • more new artwork and design elements
  • new menus
  • another expansion campaign for clanners
  • new "unique!" voice packages for all new MechWarriors
  • new MechWarrirors
  • new Units to control
  • AeroSpotter Upgrade
  • new music & sounds
  • cinematic Intro and Operation movies for the new storyline
  • the whole new storyline
  • detailed briefings for any new mission
  • 167 additional missions implemented into the Prometheus campaign
  • full savegame compatibility with updatet versions in the later days (you can go on from where you stopped to play it - maximum state you can reach is mission 33 of 200
  • much more content for the game
  • bugfixing & full technical support for free

Update entry: 01/02/2020 Happy New Year giveaway:

After the pre-release of the new MechCommander Gold - Version: Prometheus... - i've got some complaints about missing briefings in the Alpha-Built. I realized that i underestimated the power of written words for this tactical gem, so after one more week of constant work and about +100 workload i released a (not planned) new year Full Version Update for the game.
MCG Prometheus v0.1 users just have to download this little patch in order to upgrade their builts to the latest state. Here the changelog - showing what's new on this wonderful Clan Wolf Campaign Edition Standalone:

  • This Patch contains Mission updates: Operation 1, Mission 6 - the second objective was bugged with a misplaced unit reference - patch solves this issue and makes mobile HQ mission objective like intended - mission is fixed! (26/12/2020)
  • New mission briefings: Operation 1 Missions 1-6 (27/12/2020)
  • New mission briefings: Op1 Mis 7-10 (28/12/2020)
  • New mission briefings: Op1 Mis 11-18 (30/12/2020)
  • New mission briefings: Op1 Mis 18-23 (31/21/2020)
  • Operation 1, Mission 7: bugfix for the fifth (secondary) objective (28/12/2020)
  • Operation 1, Mission 14: reinforcements bugfix, should add now when in sensor control & during mission: 1. Minelayer, 2. RefitTruck (30/12/2020)
  • Operation 1, Mission 16: Rebalanced, +85t dropweight to make it easier (reports told me the mission was way too difficult, should work out this way (30/12/2020)
  • Operation 1, Mission 17: Due to many crash reports i deactivated footprints, waypoint system and parts of the new ingame physics - this mission works like original MC1 now, recommended to play with lower or native resolutions in fullscreen, other res may crash (limit breaking bud damn nice mission) - (30/12/2020)
  • Operation 1, Mission 22: rebalanced payment due to campaign length (31/21/2020)
  • Operation 1, Mission 23: rebalanced payment due to campaign length (31/21/2020)
  • Operation 1, Mission 24: - Briefing complete
  • Operation 1, Mission 24: Rebalanced payment due to campaign length
  • Operation 1, Mission 25: - Briefing complete
  • Operation 1, Mission 25: Rebalanced payment due to campaign length
  • Operation 1, Mission 26: - Briefing complete
  • Operation 1, Mission 26: Rebalanced payment due to campaign length
  • Operation 1, Mission 27: - Briefing complete
  • Operation 1, Mission 28: - Briefing complete
  • Operation 1, Mission 29: - Briefing complete
  • Operation 1, Mission 30: - Briefing complete
  • Operation 1, Mission 31: - Briefing complete
  • Operation 1, Mission 32: - Briefing complete
  • Operation 1, Mission 33: - Briefing complete
  • Operation 1, Mission 27: Rebalanced payment due to campaign length
  • Operation 1, Mission 28: Rebalanced payment due to campaign length
  • Operation 1, Mission 29: Rebalanced payment due to campaign length
  • Operation 1, Mission 30: Rebalanced payment due to campaign length
  • Operation 1, Mission 31: Rebalanced payment due to campaign length
  • Operation 1, Mission 32: Rebalanced payment due to campaign length
  • Operation 1, Mission 33: Rebalanced payment due to campaign length
  • Operation 1, Mission 33: Solved interrupting crash by leaving some abl files uncompressed, seems as if it is the same logic error anytime this occurs - mission works 100% in extracted form - but fails as fst version only - this is on my debuglist for the eastern update - in the mean time extracted files to prevent MC engine from looping into infinite should work
  • Introduction briefing for Clan Campaign
  • Introduction briefing for Mission 34, end of Clan Campaign Beta Content - you have the benefit continuing your campaign by being thrown into the Darkest Hours XXl Campaign merge until new missions +34 will be released!
  • Introduction briefing for Mission 1, Expansion Merge (Darkest Hours content)
  • New background design
  • Could reduce the music files size by 66% each - thx to nemos idea - quality is a bit lower but quite okay for a 16bit soundcard using DirectPlay App
  • ...
  • ... wait for more with the next patch update on Eastern 2021!

RizZ's Note: All updates will be released here. The latest update will always contain ALL previous updates and it will always be a zipped folder in the same structure the MCG Prometheus game folder has. Just overwrite the older versions of new file content with the files from this download. Really easy to install!

MCG Prometheus v0.1beta users just need to download this package in order to update their versions to the latest version. Full Version Download is only for people who might not own Prometheus yet.

MCG Prometheus NEWS - 01/02/2020

After continiously working on MCG Prometheus, in my spare time 2020, i uploaded the first Full Version release X-Mas 2020. Today, second day in 2021 i'm proud to announce the implementation of 36 new mission briefings for the ingame menus.

As a bonus, those briefings contain tool tipps for MechCommanders, you can say the game teaches you now how to play right:

MCG Prometheus - Clan Wolf Campaign EditionMCG Prometheus - Clan Wolf Campaign Edition
MCG Prometheus - Clan Wolf Campaign EditionMCG Prometheus - Clan Wolf Campaign Edition

Two golden Mad Cats in action!

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Beginner's Guide
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MCGold.iso & Downloads (look into the description)
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What is MechCommander?

Have fun, that's an order!

MCG Prometheus Fullversion

(c) by RizZen 2020

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