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Todays update contains 6 all new screenshots, showcasing new monsters, and new graphics upgrades. Also, check out the progress report, which lists the numerous updates since the previous week!

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To all ModDB users who have watched this game progress, many apologies for the lack of updates. I try my best to get news out to all the websites I use, but sometimes I miss one or two by accident. I hope this update makes up for the lost time...

I have made tremendous progress since my last update here. The engine I am using has improved considerably, and I now am using per-pixel lights, and multitexturing for my own lightmaps/AO bake. Currently shaders work, but are being integrated with lightmaps, so there are no shaders in use for these pictures.


* Imported all monsters into project.
* Basic rigging/animation/SFX for Pfhor Fighter
* Basic rigging/animation/SFX for Pfhor Trooper
* Basic rigging/animation/SFX for Cyborg
* Basic rigging for Juggernaut
* Basic AI for Cyborg/Fighter/Trooper/Drone
* New lightmaps/lighting FX for Thunderdome
* New lightmaps/lighting FX for Route 66
* Modeled/Textured Cyborg Grenade
* Created new projectiles for Fighter/Trooper/Cyborg
* New Normal/Specular maps for Sewage Set
* New Normal/Specular maps for Lava Set
* And more that I can't remember now...

**NOTE** I only post major updates, or updates with media on ModDB. If you wish to keep track of ALL progress, go to: Infested.coldfusiongames.com

sajbear666 - - 227 comments

Looking good! :)

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Jam3s007 - - 1,217 comments

Nice work, glad to hear your still working hard at it!

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Tides - - 20 comments

Loved Marathon on my Mac this looks great!

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