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With the patch release of version 1.2 we also revamped the neccessary files for World of Padman mapping. Download the new ZIPs or one complete installer for Windows systems.

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To all the custom mappers of World of Padman out there, with the patch release of version 1.2 we also revamped the necessary files for mapping. The old mapping content files like models, example maps, textures and skyboxes are now united in one "WoP Mapping Pack" even though there was no new content added. The support pack for GtkRadiant 1.5 is still a separate download. Some errors were sorted out of the GtkRadiant build-menu and the entity.def file got some updates and additions. This pack is called "WoP GtkRadiant Pack" now.

1. WoP Mapping Pack (to be extracted into your World of Padman 1.2 installation directory)
2. WoP GtkRadiant Pack (to be extracted into your GtkRadiant 1.5 installation directory)

For all Windows users we provide an extra "WoP Mapping 2in1 Installer" file for a comfortable and correct installation of all mapping content. It contains both packages and installs for the first step the content of the WoP Mapping Pack. Secondly it asks you for the WoP GtkRadiant Pack to enable support for version 1.5.

1+2. WoP Mapping 2in1 Installer (complete mapping content installer for Windows systems)

A short note: Some of the PPC Mac users reported issues with the patch 1.2 and couldn't start the game after installation. Seems that it's caused by a bug, but be assured we are onto it. Also we could need some help from the community because Thilo needs access via ssh remote to a PPC for debugging so it would be great if someone could help us here. Please check the community forum to contact Thilo.

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