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As a lot of people may see already, map 5 which is the final night, came out tonight! Dont be alarmed. This is not the end of the series. I will be updating every map to the best of my abilities. Graphics, Glitches, Bugs, Ideas, etc. Then, rebuilding it all, into a cool designed menu I made already, *Not Releasing Screenshots Until Release Of The Refurbished Game* This means for instance, in Snowy Night, there were dark pages. I figured out how to make them clear to see, so no one can get a bit,

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I guess you can say, confused if its a paper or not. Lastly, it will be available for x32 bit graphic processors. Yay! But anyway, thanks for reading, click track this game, give it a nice review if you like the game, and I will be posting more update logs soon! Stay tuned! :)

**Here is a video from a guy I got suggestions from, and great feedback from for the map Snowy Night**

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