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Post news RSS Many new features are being added to "Zombie Sur5al!"

Many new features are being added to "Zombie Sur5al", and we are currently doing tons of development. We appreciate your support! This article goes over some of the current features, as well as features planned for the future.

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Although many new features have been added lately, the game still needs lots of work! Here are some of the current features, as well as features planned for the rest of the alpha stage:

Current Features:
-Several types of zombies
-Multiple weapons
-Round System
-Money System
-Ammo system
-Basic UI
-And More

Planned Features:
-Better menu system
-better graphics(new backgrounds,character sprites, etc)
-More types of Zombies
-More Maps
-Better Maps (The new maps will be much more dynamic, less linear maps with several paths to take, such as hop on the buildings or go beneath the ground into the sewers)
-Credits system (used to buy more maps and characters)
-Story Mode!
-Much, much more. We would be happy to hear any suggestions of things you would like to see in the game!

We are working on the game in our spare time, so development may not go as quickly as we would like it to, however we are making it there slowly but surely.

Now I'm sure many of you would like a download link, so one will be provided as soon as most of the current bugs are fixed and some features are completed! We would rather release a much more completed and well rounded build to the public then an unstable buggy build.

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