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Post news RSS Malfunction's final trailer and BIG story changes

Short version: A final trailer for Malfunction has been released as well as a new version of the game, featuring some MAJOR changes in the story!

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Update 8/20/16:

Hello once again everyone! I have some very exciting news so let's just get right into it.


I have made the FINAL trailer for Malfunction! I decided to try out a different video editing program and surprisingly, this trailer turned out quite better than expected! If you would like to see it;


I am proud to announce that Malfunction 9.0 is available right now! Which the main feature for this update would be the fact that the game's story has been changed. All of the levels from chapter 3 have been mixed in with chapter 1's levels. Having the levels in this order gives the game a completely different experience, so be sure to try it out here!

Malfunction V-9.0 (BIG Story changes)

If you would like to see ALL the changes for the update, here is that.

- Added new dialogue for Mark and Daniel
- Added a brand NEW menu for the level/chapter selections! (This menu is much easier to navigate)
- Added black bars onto the screen when cutscenes are in-progress
- Added a credits section in the 'Extras' menu
- Added a marker above certain objectives throughout the game
- Added different colored bullets for the enemies
- Added hit indications/sounds (The aiming cursor will change colors when hitting something)

- Changed the position for the autosaving indications
- Changed the layout of the levels (All levels from CH3 have been moved to CH1)
- Changed the amount of chapters (There are now 4 chapters)
- Changed the size of the aiming cursor
- Changed the design of the message boxes

- Fixed the menu for higher resolutions
- Fixed the game from staying paused after closing the first hint (CH1 LVL1)
- Fixed all the levels from getting an error when playing it (CH4)
- Fixed the positions for certain death animations
- Fixed the HUD from displaying 'Oil Collected' at all times
- Fixed the final round on the map 'Obelisk Temple' of Obstruction (The bosses wouldn't count as kills)
- Fixed the game from autosaving when attacking the Pound Generators on the map 'Obelisk Temple' of 'Obstruction'

- Removed ALL voice acting for the characters Mark and Daniel
- Removed MANY un-used sprites/sounds to save memory and performance

Be sure to vote for Malfunction on steam greenlight!!

It would certainly help out the game.

That is pretty much all for this month. I hope you enjoy the latest update for Malfunction!

Until next time, stay tuned for more updates.



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