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Another update has arrived that adds more content and a little tease for something upcoming!

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Update 7/13/16:

Hello everyone! Lately I have been working on a MASSIVE update for Malfunction, and it is available right now! But let's talk about what exactly this update includes!

First off, the biggest part of the update is that I have added grass/tree's/flowers/foilage/etc throughout the story of Malfuction!

Let's see some examples:




Second, I have greatly improved the HUD/Inventory System! For the HUD, you are now able to see what key changes which mode, which I'm sure will help ALL of you out.

Some examples:

sample sample1


So that is pretty much the BIG stuff for this update. Here is the full list of changes;

-Added grass, tree's, flowers, foilage, etc throughout the entire Malfunction story! (This will give the game more color!)
-Added a new introduction to the game! This introduction uses lots of music so prepare to have fun!
-Added an aiming cursor for when you are using certain weapons
-Added a new title design to the loading screen
-Added the abillity to craft ANY items regardless what character you are playing as
-Added the abillity to set your partner to follow/standby through the Inventory Menu
-Added a feature that will increase your supply pickup amount by 2X after fully upgrading each character

-Fixed the loading screen (the animation wasn't fully finished)

-Changed the Inventory System (all materials/character upgrades are on the same menu)
-Changed the Upgrade System (You can now upgrade ALL characters on the same menu)
-Changed the HUD for Dwenguil (You can now see all the modes and what keys you press to switch to it)
-Changed the Help menu's (They are more organized)
-Changed the Options menu (The updates/reporting has now been moved to the options menu)

-Removed the 'Instant Switch' feature from the Upgrade System
-Removed the 'Add all journal notes' button in the Journal Menu
-Removed the 'Save items' button from the Pause Menu
-Removed the HUD in CH5 telling you what state your partner was in
-Removed some un-used sprites/sounds/music to save memory

Even though it may not sound like much, believe it or not, I have something HUGE coming next month. Just to give you a little tease, this update will include a NEW gamemode, with new enemies, as well a new playable character.

So that is it for now! Download the update and have yourselves a good day!

Malfunction V-8.0 (Surprise Update!)

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