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MyWorld is planned to go from 2D to 3D! Also a little news on current progress.

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For those of you tracking MyWorld, you'll know two things.

One: MyWorld is a 2D MMORPG.
Two: Last week, I said I had some news I couldn't tell you yet.

Well, with putting those two facts together, the first is rendered mute. That is, to say, MyWorld will be going 3D.
With that shift, hopefully we will still be keeping all of the planned ideas. Time, NPC AI, NPC Birth/death, Skills, 6-party-member turn based battles, turn-based duels, army battles, village building, etc.

Sadly, though, we may be losing the World Map feature.

So, rather than going through some forest with a top-down view, you'll be able to look around and see a "Colossal" sized creature passing through the plains beyond the forest in the distance, sea creatures flitting through the shallows, and so on. That being, I'd really like to make the world as lively as can be, without spamming it.
With that in mind, and how many creautres we have, the world would have to be pretty huge. Forests that go beyond sight, Continents out of sight, but could be swam to, with time/skill.
In fact, what just came to mind is, ships. I was quite worried about how Ship battles would play out in MyWorld 2D, but in 3D, I can see it rather clearly.
You walk down the dock, climb the gangplank, go to the wheel and have your NPC crew untie the bindings. You pull off, and off we go. The sea wind is gusty, blowing your ship along the waves speedily - but what's this?! A pirate ship on the distance... The chase goes on for a good few hours on the open sea, the pirates slowly catching up!
Your men prepare their bows and doublecheck the buckles on their sword holsters, the lonesome magician casting shielding spells, whilst you run down to your cabin to grab that Tithei wood Crossbow...

Inset: Sid Meier's "Pirates!" (Very good game!)


In other news, I've now named all 592 Land Herbivores aswell as completed about 20 of those.

If any of you play "Second Life" I'm usually playing or sitting AFK on it whilst working on MyWorld. You can contact me if you like, my name is Spirits Inglewood - just make sure you introduce yourself as a tracker from Mod|DB, otherwise I may ignore you. :P

TheLP - - 220 comments

What 3D Engine will you be using? :)

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Azkanan Author
Azkanan - - 329 comments

RealmCrafter Pro... I need to et £100 together. Anybody want to donate? Otherwise, I should have it in a month or so, which is when we can start programming the actual game.

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TheLP - - 220 comments

I'd donate, but I don't have paypal or a credit card to use on it for that matter :/

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