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Post news RSS Hypercharge: Unboxed - Major Update #2 - Female Action Figures + More!

We’re proud to present you with Major Update 2. It includes an assortment of changes, fixes, improvements and most of all, Female Characters!

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Small Soldiers, gather up!

We greatly appreciate all your support and feedback regarding the new female characters.

This is only the first set of free character content updates for our community. There are multiple female designs in active development and we are working diligently to complete them as soon as possible for your enjoyment. For those who don't enjoy this design, please be patient as these content updates will be delivered throughout the year, and we're sure there will be some characters in the mix that are right up your alley!

HCU FemaleSet01



  • Added new Female Character type (Valkyrie)
  • Added new supporter pack Female Character type (Roadwarrior) for those who purchase (OR already purchased!) the Supporter Pack DLC
  • Added new Female Character voice lines for new types
  • Added new Customisation idle animations for some characters.


  • Improvements to UI sounds and navigation
  • Improvements to UI usability and mouse click interaction in many UI pages
  • Improvements to various NPC particles when firing


  • Changed "Operation Alley" entire Wave flow and progression
  • Changed "Dawn of the Toys" wave progression and flow and is now first and Default map
  • Changed "Garden of Evil" wave progression, balancing, teleports, jumppads, batteries and credits
  • Changed "Garden of Evil" map flow on PvP with more jumppads and teleports in far-away areas
  • Changed how some character skins & materials are unlocked. More are unlocked by default and Female skins/heads are unlockable in their place on the previous levels
  • Changed repetitiveness of some Max Ammo lines to make them less common
  • Changed damage of Flamethrower in PvP to be closer to other weapons in DPS
  • Changed balance of Soldier shot-gunners


  • Fixed some issues with missing buildables when players join a game late
  • Fixed some areas that cause Glider Planes to crash before entering the map
  • Fixed many Player & NPC stuck-spots
  • Fixed some issues with Player movement in low FPS scenarios
  • Fixed some issues with Meanbots running on the spot but not moving
  • Fixed many navigation mesh issues around various levels
  • Fixed some impact camera shakes being too strong
  • Fixed many localization issues with English language, everything from colour formatting, to matching common phrases and consistent use of ellipses, lots of capitalization changes.
  • Many more quality of life improvements and fixes that we forgot to mention!

If you already own the Supporter Pack, you'll be happy to hear that you now have access to the Roadwarrior Female Action Figure. FOR FREE!

HCU FemaleSet02

Thank you for your support. Stay safe!

-Digital Cybercherries

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