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This update focuses on one of the new sections in Elwood's Bunker: The Central Hall.

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For this update, I have been working on the new, wealthier main residential area. This location had to be much more structurally intricate than the former ones, so there was a lot more to consider when it came to the aesthetic of the level. I hired a freelancer to help finalize my ideas:

Central Hall Concepts:

Central Hall Concept  2

The image above shows the current state of the hall, while the one below shows a pristine looking early concept, along with some potential assets.

Central Hall Concept 1

These concepts were created by Marius Andrei at Mariusandrei.wordpress.com based on my rough map layout and atmospheric specifications.

The above concepts show the central hall in the main residential area. It has a holographic projection of the sky along with plant life, making for an interesting contrast between the dark, grim atmosphere and the peaceful holographic clouds and greenery. Well, peaceful excluding the decay, flickering lights, death, and dust everywhere...

The central hall was used as a way to allow the wealthier residents to mingle in a more peaceful environment and have easy access to other parts of the bunker. There are several shops/services available from this area, along with the tunnel down to the panic room and lower residences.

In addition to these things, I have been developing motion capture tests to help stimulate the player with eerie human apparitions and flashbacks to give the characters more realistic qualities when they are visible in cutscenes/etc.

Example of Motion capture using a test corpse from the bunker:

That will be coming in the next update. If you have any questions, feel free to post in the G.R.I.T. forums or you can contact me directly!

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