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We can now confirm the visuals for the main menu. We have gone for a simple yet great looking main menu.

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Main Menu - An info graphic by the team at TLCindie

The menu will contain.

  • Hidden features for you to find including a bonus game mode.
  • A fully interactive globe for you to explore complete with Self illuminated night time lighting (Advanced shaders may not be available on the android platform)

What we will be working on next.

At this moment in time the walkers have been programmed with an advanced AI allowing for them to decide how aggressive to be.
we have also added realistic body reactions to bullet hits and hit location dependent damage.

  • Next we will be working on damage effects allowing the to fall and then start dragging themselves towards the player.
  • Integrating an inventory system.
  • Finishing the prologue/ Tutorial. The firs game-play video will be released at some point within the next 2 weeks
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