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In this article I will showcase some of the progress with the main map and give an overall view of what I've been doing the past month.

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Behold the lands of which you will siege and conquer!


So an update on the progress is finally due, and I know many people look forward to the mods completion (me included).

To be frank the mod got a long way ahead, so I'd say you should probably try some of the already released mods meanwhile.

However, the main map..
I've spent countless of hours in between balancing going to work and being home and working on the mod, as I have begun working again. I've been having the height map in World Machine, playing around, porting the map back and forth and fixing the terrain and I think it's almost ready for the first towns and nations.
Working on the main map has been fun, especially when I've had to dig into Elder Scrolls lore and read about all of the different regions, landscapes and even when I had trouble finding something such as pictures of those places (from canon sources) and having to recreate it the best I could while making it Bannerlord friendly.
Before adding towns to the map, I wanna work on the mountains a little bit more, then after towns, battle scenes for each place.

I hope you enjoy this preview of the main map and I hope you stay safe within your homes :)

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