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A couple of examples regarding melee and elemental attacks.

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---Below is a basic single strike and quick thrust with a 2h axe---

---The below animation is of fire spell meant primarily for defense through fire damage and knockback for enemies that come too close. can later be updated to increase the damage of fire based projectiles---

---This is also a very good example of how all spells work - through discs of unformed material which can create anything Maranym requires---

---Below is the animation for an explosive attack---

RicardoValenzuela - - 48 comments

I love the fire spell magic ring :)

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AstronautChef - - 38 comments

The art is very nice,
Good Job guys :D

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zachstronaut - - 28 comments

That explosion GIF is nuts.

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Wambosa - - 18 comments

I have literally stared at these animations for at least an hour...

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