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The second early access update is here with new features and more content.

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We've been hard at work, and the next update is now available. This update focuses heavily on developing more content, more features, and some minor improvements to existing content.

Here's a list of whats new:

> A Customizable Spellbook! Spellpage Bookmarks are now available. Players can bookmark their favorite spells which adds them to their personal spellbook. A tutorial page has been added to the Book of Beginnings (MageWorks 101) with instructions, however bookmarks can easily be added by press and holding in the down direction of the spellbook trackpad while on your spell of choice. Scroll up and down to pick which page you want to assign it to, and press and hold again to apply the settings.

> New spellsbooks! Three additional spellbooks have been added to the shelf. The Book of Locks will allow players to cast spells giving them access to various parts of the game like treasure chests, gates, and more. Currently the 'Unlock Lockbox' spell is available. The Book of Portals has been added and players can choose from two available portals. It is highly recommended that these pages be bookmarked for quick access to nearby mana fountains and level gates. The Book of Drones has been added, however the Drones are not ready yet. The drones to be released in a future build include a flashlight-drone, camera-drone, turret-drone, hover-drone, and guardian-drone.

> Two new combat spells! A 'Thorn Bolt' and 'Thorn Lash' are now available for players to use.

> A new level! A new level that is much larger is available for players to explore. Because the hover-board is not ready for release yet, the spells in this level are already unlocked. On future releases, when the hover-board is available for use, these spells will be locked up again for players to seek.

> Loot! Lockboxes have been scattered around all available levels for players to collect and require the Lockbox spell to open.

> Stats have changed location. Stats are no longer in the front of each book. Instead, they can be displayed or dismissed immediately with the use of the spellbook controller grip buttons.

Known Issues:

> A.I. is undergoing some changes and currently has some issues. This will be fixed in a future build making enemies more interactive and responsive.

On The Horizon:

The next aspect of development will be focused primarily on resource collection and the wood shop. Part of the original vision for this game included an area where players could collect resources to build their personal stave. While an early version of the drawing board is currently active, we're looking to start implementing some of the wood collection and preparation mechanics.

Beyond the woodshop, we're also aiming to have the hoverboard available from the Book of Drones so players can hover around levels instead of teleporting if they choose. The next update will also include more spells to find and unlock.

Thanks again for the comments, criticism & support as this VR experience continues to grow!

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herycp07 - - 20 comments

look good

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Guest - - 689,305 comments

seem like a dungeon game in hexen style ... yuup i like this graphic and the mage work good !!! bye fab

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sporx Author
sporx - - 24 comments

Hexen was such a fun game when it came out!

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