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Post news RSS Macbat 64 Delayed. I am very sorry!

Even though Macbat 64 is already in a state where I would be able to finish it on time technically, I'm afraid I will not be able to finish it with the amount of care and polish it deserves. Therefore I decided to delay the game! But wait! Don't just scream at me, let me explain, please.

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When I announced the release date, all signs were pointing into the direction that I would be able to finish it on time with ease.

However, as life usually is, problems arose, both technical ones in the game as well as personal ones in my real life. Progress got slower and slower and more and more bugs appeared.

Ultimately the game will benefit from this delay because it will be more polished, less rushed and a bit more thought through.

I know that some of you actually were looking forward to be playing the game on the 4th of december and I am really sorry.

For those who still want to play/record/stream the game as soon as possible: I will soon be looking for beta tester, so if you are really eager to play Macbat 64 as soon as possible even if it's not perfect yet, please send me a mail: info@siactro.com

Again, I am really, really sorry for this but it is the best choice since the game deserves better than to be rushed and just get thrown out there.

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