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This is a general update to explain our current activities and perhaps offer a little insight into the development process, entirely intended as both supplementary and unnecessary. Each core team member is exposed in this post, as this page does not presently reflect the current team.

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This is a general update to explain our current activities and perhaps offer a little insight into the development process, entirely intended as both supplementary and unnecessary.

There have been some changes to the team over the past few months. Only half the team is presently represented in this group, but that doesn't mean we don't value them - updating this little side page merely isn't a priority. However, I'd like to introduce you to the core roster. So, without further ado, the present team...

Head Developer
Nemo - otherwise known as NemoNobody. He's a handsome chap, currently travelling and working on the balance internals of the next release. He's Formal Head, Lead Scripter & Balance Brigadier, with more than a few trick cards in his deck - I wouldn't be surprised if he pulled off something unexpected for Lyuban. American, has no play bias.

Lead/Other Developers
FLOZi - one of the classic members of the project and a definite heart beating behind the work. He's currently taking a break and gliding through virtualized space with M_26_7. Soul Director & 3D Artist, involved in scripting, lua scripting, 2D and 3D art, as well as balance. British, has no play bias.

M_26_7 - otherwise known as SpikedHelmet, sometimes Zveroboy. He's a crazed man, currently taking a break and flying though the great void of space with FLOZi. Co-Art Director & Master Texturer, his attention to detail is an example to us all. Canadian, favours Germany.

Yuritch - a relatively new member of the project, nonetheless one of the most important. His immense knowledge of period equipment and seemingly effortless attention to detail in his work keep us all productive. Co-Art Director & Master Modeler, his pace of production forces us onward. Ukranian, favours the U.S.S.R.

Felix The Cat - another classic member of the project, currently taking a break while he addresses the options before him in real life. Webmaster & 3D Artist, his work is only outstripped in quality and parsimony by his infrequent play. American, favours Germany.

Neddie - otherwise known as Neddiedrow. Enchanted by the project and execution thereof, he became a member of the team in part due to a desire to spread this enchantment across the world. Public Relations Lead & 2D Artist. American, favours Great Britain.

Evil4Zerggin - previously unmentioned, another incredibly important member of the team. His technical skill is akin to that of Tobi, but focused in a complementary direction. Lua Lead Scripter, he makes the impossible possible and the possible feasible. American, favours the U.S.S.R.

Tobi - a quiet, unassuming man whose technical skill and applied creativity are sometimes daunting. AI Developer, he challenges the rest of the team even indirectly on the field of battle, encouraging us to redouble our respective efforts. Dutch, has no play bias.

Present Activity
While Spiked, Felix and FLOZi are on break, the rest of us are assembling a follow-up to the current release, tenatively named Lyuban. Nemo and Yuritch are the primary forces behind this work, with supporting contributions from the rest of the team. Yuritch and Zerg are working on an improvement of the armour system, Neddie and Nemo are formulating advertisment plans and exploring competitive play options, Tobi is improving C.R.A.I.G.

Well, that is enough to go on! Keep enjoying the game, we will continue to do our best!

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