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Hey! I'm looking for a doom fan who would like to mod my game into Doom.

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Hey! I'm looking for a doom fan who would like to mod my game into Doom.
Duo to copyrights I can't make an official remake of Doom, so I'm making a game with a MapBuilder and the ability to import textures and sounds.
The game have all the cool classic features like switches, doors, keys etc...
It can be easily modded to other games and especially to doom duo to the weapons similarity.
I'm working now on more assets like characters and items.
Anything that feels like it missing can be added, just ask for it.
I will gladly explain exactly how to latest version of the editor works.
The game itself is called OldschoolNightmare and is using the UnrealEngine4.
The game's page : Facebook.com
Some gameplay: Youtube.com
I will also supply assets like sounds and textures to make it easier ( Also can be downloaded via google but I will also add normal maps ).
So if you are find it interesting, Please let me know.

robotbot - - 1 comments

keep up the great work, I have been dying for an actual doomish / doom2ish rebuild with modern engine. playing this brought back some good memories! If I were a modeler I would love to help!

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BlueIsTrue - - 5 comments

Great Work, I took a look at it and it looked great, better than I ever have done in UE4 anyway lol. I would love to help make maps and help fix issues (if any!)

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Sahkan Author
Sahkan - - 156 comments

This is great! I'm working now on a modeling feature that I will add in the next release.
I will send you a PM when it is up and running and we can begin :)
Sorry for the late response.

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