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sorry for not letting you guys know about the new concept this is a new fresh start for Bleach X slash it will include the first Season now all of you will start asking yourselves was there a first season for bleach? yes there is and its 3 seasons that are online and ready to be downloaded from the main site for bleach its the DVD Production now other than that basic information i will tell you guys what are the plans for the next generation for this project still i welcome any help

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well then now I`m back in business. thank you all for waiting along all this time I shall Proceed with progressing. starting with the maps then the texture for the maps. after that the Characters 3D Model>Texture>Animations > setting up in game >3D Attack spheres and such necessities for the game characters

all this will be in public beta 1 the first stable build
and I will start accordingly with the arks First is first

Kura Kura Town
Underground Training Zone"Kisuke Urahara`s"

Ichigo Shikai"White Sword"
Will have 1 Attack Big Blue Slash that killed menos Grande in Bleach Episode 14.

Ichigo Shikai"Black Sword" will have Getsuga Tenchu and have Various types of it white with blue edges and black with red Edges.

Uryuu ishida "the quincy " will have an arrow that can do 1 hit Ko but takes much energy plus a smaller Version that will let him attack all those in episode 10 to 14 .
Yasutora Saado "Chad " he will have his First Black arm which can shoot the Exploding Fist on episode 12.

Orihime She will use the Fairies that she summons from her hairpin that was given to her by her brother
on episode 3.
Rukia won't get in the game but she might be added if I have time.
also the rest of the characters will be added Accordingly to the Series.

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