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The game now has two new levels in the first level set which replace the more difficult maze levels. In both of the new levels your LogicBot must navigate a corridor while avoiding obstacles.

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First I would like to thank everyone that has voted for LogicBots on Greenlight. The game is now in the top 100 and currently sitting at 96th place. Hopefully the game will make one of the next two batches.

The first and easier of the two new levels is the narrow corridor level. In this level your robot just has to follow the narrow corridor without getting stuck. This level is designed to carry on from the first few levels where you build robots to follow lines and navigate narrow platforms. In this level you can use a similar technique that you used to get your robot to follow a line by getting your robot to follow the left or right wall. However this level introduces the player to Ultrasonic Rangers which measure the distance to any object directly in front of them and therefore the player has to use comparison gates and logic gates to solve the puzzle.

Two new levels

The second of the corridor levels is much more complex as you have to deal with some obstacles which can cause your robot to go round in circles if you are not careful with your strategy. Learning how to make a robot that can avoid obstacles will be very important for some of the upcoming levels.

Two new levels

The next levels to come will be the army themed levels, the first of which you must get a robot that can navigate to a location on its own using GPS, hopefully I will have an update for you next week including this.

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