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A project I've worked on throughout most of last year has finally been finished.

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A year has gone by and throughout that entire year, I've been at work on this game, Little Rocket Girl, since April of last. It's been quite a journey, with its many ups and even more downs, but I must say, when all is said and done, I'm quite satisfied with the final result.

The inspiration for this game has been relatively lost as I had no jot down why I started this project in my log, but I can attest that it had something to do with the casual games of Xbox Lives Indie that have you push a button to make your character raise and let go to lower. The big one that comes to mind is Techno Kitten Adventure, which is the more popular of the Indies on 360. But I'm not for these casual games. When I make a game, I want to make a game with substance. Something you can invest into. A game that you don't just play for 5 minutes and move on. Little Rocket Girl, though the ambitions started off as such, only managed to be a 30 minute game with only a single replay element added.

I had huge ambitions with this game, but in the end I could not live up to them as I wished. Making games is difficult, not just in labor, but in trying to figure out when to make a game from passion and when to make a game for profit. I tried to do both but I couldn't juggle such a responsibility. In the end, I had to choose profit and wrap up the game.

I learned a lot with my experience with Xbox Live Indie Games and XNA, which after this I will no longer use, and Little Rocket Girl, though it did not live up to my expectations, is another game that I am proud to make for at least I aimed to make a game with substance, and I feel I accomplished that.

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