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Looking at what has been going on with Limit Release until the present in 2013 and how it has effected people.

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Welcome back everyone,

After seeing the HD OVA released at the end of 2012 I said that I was done with this project that it had officially done what it was intended to, that being to push me beyond what my limit was in terms of 3d content creation.

But if you have seen the animations view count and like count recently you will find its gotten more praise than I had considered, in 4 months it has been viewed 5,346 times and has been liked more than 100 times. The comments section is also full of comments like "whens the next one being released?" so this obviously caught my attention and if you have seen the video gallery its had me thinking of ways to expand on the Limit Release universe.

The Limit Release universe is basically an expanded time line of Armored Core similar to the "Brave new world" novel in which the time line of all the titles is one continuous time line instead of being rebooted now and again, and thus I am thinking of returning to write new expanded content for people to enjoy, but at a price.

The price being I need more people to help, I am not out to prove anything to myself anymore this means that I am open to peoples help now, and what I need the most is 3d modelers people that can help support me by making various parts from reference images and referenced low poly models so that things can be sped up.

The videos in the gallery reference this idea by showing off concepts and ideas and talking about how long it would take but pointing out the fact that this effort does require help this time otherwise it wont be done without it.

Someone wrote: "I would have done a proper video for this subject but as fate would have it, I have been suffering for a week with a really bad cold that has messed me up really well so I am in no shape to be attempting to do a video and talk all the way through it.

Here is the deal, with all the good reception that Limit Release has gotten I have been asked by a lot of people to do more, and while I did say I was not going to be doing anymore on some forums it did get me thinking.

Why miss a chance to add to something that people want? when it could be better and have a lot more potential if worked on more, so here`s what I am thinking of.

I want to do more based on the extended universe I created which was inspired by such things as Fort Tower Song, and A Brave new world, but on a totally different scale to the first animation which again would take a long time, BUT that would only be because I would be doing things on my own and even though you have all seen the potential one person has with a lot of dedication and will power I think it would be better to add more people to speed things up and to also take a lot of the pressure off me, mainly because I do a lot of other things and its hard to keep up with it all.

So I am recruiting anyone and everyone that thinks they can help, weather it be story writers, modelers, animators, you name it I want you on the team, mainly because I believe that everyone has potential and the possibility to use this potential to create amazing things is something I cannot look away from.

Please get in contact with me if you wish to be a part of this, the information is on Moddb mainly in the video section if you require more."

Hopefully I can continue to provide entertaining content to those who wish to see it with the help of any and all individuals, so I ask if anyone can assist or can please post this on any forums or sites to find people who can assist that would be great.



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