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This first version helps lay the groundwork for future updates and fleshing out of the game. At present there's basic combat, an auction house, and basic player interaction.

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Liminality Online

Liminality Online
is a free to play MMORPG in development by DaemonEmpty!

  • Designed primarily to be an open world PvE sandbox
    • Housing - Build in the open world, establishing a home or settlement of your own.
    • Party & Guilds - Go on adventures with friends throughout the game world.
    • NPC Factions - Gain favor or infamy with NPC factions as they interact with each other in the world.
    • PvP - Fight other players in the wilderness, arena, or faction warfare.
    • Dungeons - Explore mysterious locations and ancient mysteries.
    • Pets - Plenty of cuddly or ferocious companions to travel by your side.
    • NPC Party - Traveling companions, hired to help you meet your goals.
    • World Bosses - Massively powerful creatures that reside in the world, fight them if you dare.
    • Combat - Tab targeting combat that is interesting and fun. Player skills matters, blindly clicking will not provide the best results.
    • Crafting - Create custom weapons, armor, and resources. Upgrade existing items to grow them with your character.
    • Non-combat skills - Providing fun alternatives to killing things.
  • PvP is limited to certain regions, arenas, realm vs realm (RvR) content
  • There's no requirement to donate to play, but our Patrons will have access to a Patron only servers that will get updates first and will have support. There may also be patron servers with different game modes that cannot not be supported in a typical F2P server environment (due to spam or bots).
  • We are committed to having no cash shop on any of our servers, not for cosmetics, EXP boosts, gear or anything else.
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Pledging will support the game's continuous development in the form of new gameplay features, content, and ensure that regular updates can be made. Additionally pledges will help with server costs and any ancillary systems that the game needs to be successful.


Stage 1 (Chaos)
- Large changes will be made on the live server, frequent wipes and game breaking changes are to be expected.

  • This stage is characterized by the majority of planned game systems being unfinished or lacking content from levels 0 to 100.

Stage 2 (Isolation) - Large changes are made on an experimental server, they are not applied to the live server until they are made non-game breaking. The live servers are stable, no server wipes during this period unless an exploit or game breaking event occurs.

  • This stage is characterized by the majority of planned game systems being finished or having content from levels 0 to 100.

Stage 3 (Solidification) - There is a mature process for adding content to the game. No major systems are lacking content, new major systems come in the form of large updates or expansions. The live server only experiences roll backs, deletions, or changes as a last resort.

  • This stage is characterized by all of the planned game systems being finished or having content form levels 0 to 100.
  • I am having trouble getting the launcher to work.
    • Try running it as admin.

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